Our Production Network

Besides the EDDHA chelated iron

we able to produce EDDHA chelated Copper and Zinc in our production network. Our aim to produce 2.000 tons EDDHA chelated trace elements.

* We also serve to our business partners for EDDHA synthesis, chelation, and some herbicide , insecticide synthesis.


Innovation Product

During to R&D period we found new isomer of EDDHA chelated and now we are working patented period.



Our company has 500m² indoor facility. In this facility we able to produce 350 tons EDDHA chelate Iron.


Xanta and Sidero

Developed for vegetables, strawberries, watermelons and melons, pistachios, carnations and flowers, soft-core trees.

About us


We uses high technology to increase yield and quality in our products.



License certificate, registration certificate, guarantee certificate.

Mission & Vision

Technology and Environment

At Xantafe environment friendly production methods are among the priorities.

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Quick Supply

Xantafe believes in the importance of our quick supply and we show great sensitivity in this regard.